I have attended several classes and some private sessions with Carolyn and I find the method to be extremely beneficial physically as well as psychologically and emotionally. Although I have received immediate physical relief on many occasions, I find that Feldenkrais has a much deeper impact. The concepts on which the method is based are challenging in a very worthwhile way. I will continue to attend classes – they are relaxing, enjoyable, and extremely beneficial. Thank you Carolyn!
Anne Marie Hartford
Whether working one-on-one in a Functional Integration session or as a participant of an Awareness Through Movement lesson, Carolyn Townsend shares her treatment expertise, joy of life and living as well as specialized skills to help you reach your own limitless potential. The Feldenkrais Method will change the way you think about movement and will enable you to move in more effortless ways than you have ever thought possible. Since learning and practicing these safe, easy and innovative techniques, a whole new world of movement possibilities has opened up to me, improving my flexibility, posture and activity performance. As a physiotherapist myself, I love sharing some of these creative ideas with my patients and seeing their lives enriched as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Carolyn Townsend, one of the top Feldenkrais practitioners in the country, and enjoy learning to move with comfort, ease and elegance.
Barbara Sherwood, Physiotherapist, Co-owner, Fundy Physiotherapy Clinic, Quispamsis, N.B.
For a number of years, I have been participating in these classes and happy to say how much I enjoy them. The exploratory nature is primarily self-guided, allowing one to sample movement in a very different way. Somewhat like dropping watercolour paint on wet paper, you simply allow it to find its own flow and pathway, rather than directing it to move in a particular way. The freedom to allow such things, when not calculated by the mind, opens up new possibilities that can be both creative and liberating.
Pat Hine
Nine years ago I was severely incapacitated by a series of lower back spasms that left me virtually bedridden for several weeks. After visiting a range of therapists, I was making no progress and turned to Carolyn and her Feldenkrais program. Progress was slow at first, and perhaps the biggest problem was to convince myself to keep moving. Shortly after my initial visits to Carolyn I was referred to Dr. Bill Cook, Fredericton’s pain specialist, and through his Mindfulness Meditation program following the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn, I was able to get my mind properly focused to be able to understand and benefit from Carolyn’s teaching, both through her one-on-one consultations, as well as from her group programs. Nine years later now, I regard myself as the “poster boy” for the Feldenkrais program of Awareness Through Movement. I am able to manage my pain when it occurs, my pain episodes are less frequent and less intense, and I have a much better range of movement than I’ve had for years. I do a series of 20-30 minute Feldenkrais movements each morning and during the day practice awareness of how I move to ensure that when I do move, I do so with as much efficiency as possible to avoid habitual practices that overtax those muscles upon which we tend to rely too greatly. The Feldenkrais program and Carolyn’s teachings have had a huge positive impact on my life, and I would highly recommend anyone with chronic mechanical pain to consider consulting with Carolyn to learn how the Feldenkrais program can help improve their quality of life.
Bev Bacon
I am an eighty-eight year old female who is dealing with the vagaries of aging – aching joints, trouble with balance, loss of energy, etc. I want to stay as active as I can for as long as I can and be comfortable in doing so. I have tried several activity programs and they helped to some degree. Then I found Carolyn Townsend and Feldenkrais. This program has helped me tremendously. For example, I am more aware of how my body moves, of how connected body parts are, how small adjustments in one area can influence ease of motion in other areas. When I leave the Saturday morning sessions I am more comfortable in my own skin, physically and mentally – ready to face another week of aging.
Doreen Wallace

Moshe Feldenkrais devoted his life to helping people learn to move with less effort making daily life easier.